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  • Rules and Regulations

    Rules and Regulations

    • All dues (except security deposit) once paid are not refundable under any circumstances.
    • Fee for the full term is charged at the time of admission irrespective of the month of admission.
    • Fee must be paid for the full term irrespective of the illness, absence or early withdrawal.
    • Fee bills will be sent to parents through their child, fifteen days before the due date. It is the parents responsibility to check with the account office in case the bill has not been received. 
    • Any charges deemed necessary such as field trip, class presentations, group photograph etc. will be levied as and when required.
    • Late payment fines are payable without any concession.Please: 
    • Note that not receiving fee bills will not be considered as a reason for delayed payments.
    • If a child is absent without leave for a period of more than two weeks, he will be deemed to haveleft school and will have to undergo the complete admission procedure in order to regain  entry.
    • There will a 25%  concession in tuition fee for the second, third and fourth siblings of students already studying in the school.
    • There will be a tentative increase in fee annually (in the month of August) in case of withdrawal,a written application must reach the office.

    A security refund will be granted only if:

    1. The school has received the withdrawal notice al least one month before the beginning of the next fee term.
    2. Full fee for the term during which the pupil leaves has been paid.
    3. The refund is claimed within one year from the date of withdrawal.